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Call This Number

2020.10.07 12:58 QuiscoverFontaine Call This Number

[WP] Ten years have passed since the virus wiped everyone out. Everyone except you. On your daily walk to scavenge resources, the charged, signal-less iPhone you superstitiously carry in your backpack makes a sound you haven't heard in ten years. It's a text: "If you're alive, call this number."
Her heart jumped at the sound, incongruous and unexpected in the silence. A faint ping and the accompanying buzz of the vibration. Just her phone, she reasoned, calming herself. Unusual, but probably nothing. Almost certainly some sort of error message, a sign that the battered handset was giving up the ghost, finally realising it shouldn't still be functioning.
She swung the bag off her back and riffled through its contents, pushing aside the coils of rope and the first-aid kit, a tin opener and a wind-up torch and the general clutter of odds and ends she thought she might need on any given day. She dragged the phone out from the jumble and checked its screen.
The breath caught in her throat, her pulse resuming its hammering inside her chest. It was a text message. A new one. From an unknown number.
Fingers trembling, she opened it, and read the message. "If you're alive, call this number." The number was underneath, underlined, ready to be called at the touch of a finger.
She read the message over and over again, trying to understand. It was impossible. Who could have sent it? There was no one else. Wasn't there?
She wasn't sure why she survived. The virus had spread too quickly for anyone to notice there was still one woman completely unaffected. No one had time to develop the relevant tests, let alone perform them. Society had collapsed within a matter of weeks. The virus has spread across the globe before anyone had registered the threat it posed, people dying within hours of the first symptoms, the death count ticking higher and higher every day, thousands, millions, billions, until the news reports slowly stopped and the world fell silent. It had been ten years since she'd seen or heard from another living soul.
Keeping herself alive since then hadn't been hard in a city. There were hundreds of thousands of empty houses, abandoned shops, public buildings. She'd broken into a good many of them over the years, ransacking their cupboards for tinned food, useful supplies and equipment, anything that took her fancy. She walked out to the suburbs, found the houses with fruit trees in their gardens, allotments grown thick and wild. It wasn't always easy, and the hard facts of what had brought her to that point were often difficult to bear, but she didn't mind the quiet, the freedom.
She suddenly felt exposed, observed. She looked up and glanced around, eyes darting to the shadows, as if the sender would be right there across the street, but there was no one. Not even a flicker of movement. As always. She looked back to the message, at the number it asked her to call. It wasn't familiar; it wasn't for another mobile nor did it have a region code she recognised. In the days before the virus, she would have entered it into a search engine or just ignored it outright. But she was curious. Was there someone else out there?
It was possible.
A landline. She needed a landline. Would they still work? Her phone had no signal; that had dropped out long ago. She hadn't even noticed when it disappeared. She wouldn't want to use her phone even if she could. She knew nothing about the person on the other end. They might be trying to track her. It might be a trap. But could she continue her life, scraping by, never knowing, never taking this hand offered to her?
She found an old office block, the once gleaming edifice of glass now dull and grimy. The glass doors were locked, the faded company logo flaking away. She made short work of shattering them with the emergency window hammer she carried, the fragments of glass falling around her feet like jewels.
She ran across the dark lobby to the reception desk and grasped for the phone that sat behind the counter. The plastic had faded to a dull grey, and it, along with everything else, was covered in a thick layer of dust. She picked up the handset and held it to her ear with both hands. The dial tone was there, that gentle, reassuring electronic burr. It began to feel real. The possibility of another person, the remains of society, of something other than a life of solitude stretching out into nothing.
She punched in the number from the message and waited, hardly daring to breathe as the phone began to ring. The seconds seem to pass like hours. She gripped the handset so hard her fingers hurt.
After the third ring, there was the click of the line picking up, and she heard a man's voice.
"Hello!" It sounded cheery and welcoming.
"Hello! Hello? Who is this? What-" but she stopped when heard the voice continue under hers. It was a recorded message. An automated system.
"Thank you for calling this number. If you have received our message, then that means you likely have a natural immunity to the Kalma Virus which was released into society ten years ago. This was the first phase of Project Overpopulation developed by Yersinia Laboratories. Our scientists and medical specialists would be very interested in hearing from you; we sincerely hope you will be able to assist us in beginning the second phase of the project. Your call will shortly be transferred to our secure testing facilities, where our team will be able to give you more information on how to proceed and also answer any questions you may have. Please hold."
The message stopped. The line clicked and began ringing again.
And rang.
And rang.
And rang.
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2020.08.09 03:51 xxpepperpigxx Pressed Kalmas

Hey guys just picked up about 20 Kalmas from a guy with a “sealed” bottle. What are Kalmas pressed with in your experience. No bitter taste in fact kind of sweet, would I be right in assuming etizolam? Anyway lmk
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2019.08.21 21:24 2-0-0-0er Current UNI bender schedule **10 mins to lift off lmao**

** Long intro but its my context of my PREVIOUS 8 day bartardness, which ill explain in another post thats how much i did lmao, also with mates most of the time. First also doing this whilst going in for 2 classes at uni. Currently is 4:10am in Australia 10 minutes before ETA for take off; goint to be speeding first. So not much time to explain every little bit of info (yet).

Long story short picked up Xanax finally for the first time in bulk of these beautiful, ( if you know you know ), kalma G2's, due to happening to live on this beautiful island called Australia. SO much (wild) shit happened of which i can remember most of what happened; the important parts you know ahahahah. But im typing this at 4am like i said about to start. Also will make a separate post because i dont have any time to explain the 6 days of barred out adventures whilst smoking weed throughout a lot of those days; obviously i had 2 grams of MDMA crystals id ALSO only bought in bulk (crystals) for the first time. and when my mates and i shout each other stuff so you know i was the plug for many days with bud and xanax; so you can imagine my weekend/week/past-days-starting-from-a-tuesday lmao. Also definitely cant forget the alcohol that made me forget the parts of these days ahahahahahha.

So right only have two 30 mg vyvanse capsules left due to my friend giving them to me because i ran out of my script and i am prescribed 50 mg but take more most of the time **

(too much of a rush to remember how much left in both my mix bowls due to me actually fucking cooking the honey. Then applying it straight hot on the already been slightly cooked on the stove)) blunt. Then sprinkling the weed on and making it like a fucking sandwich with honey) -

Plan to take another 2mg before class also take another 30mg of vyvanse in a few hours too,which is at 12:30pm). Also about to smoke his honey rolled blunt i home made (for the first time ever lmao i dont know shit), but it was rolled with this organic honey from this beautiful island where my dads from ,in greece.

Wish me luck will post an update in an hour or two when i study (or try to lmao). Also very cooked writing this already so im sorry for the cooked barred story-telling method lmao.

Stay safe kids not even ironic nah but fr i know about (and have lot of personal experience too) drug interactions and these in particular. Lets just say if you know, how to mix (moderate-low dose generally) xanax and alcohol, and go out and drink heaps and get fucked up, BUT you dont wake up in a cell and rather you wake up in a 25 year old girls bed. Also mean that being 19, i know i didnt mention not to flex but you get my point about being in control of your (hopefully minimal) blackout.
Cheers for reading if you stayed the whole way legends
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2018.07.27 06:02 autotldr US military plane departs North Korea with service members’ remains

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 24%. (I'm a bot)
A U.S. military plane departed North Korea on Friday following a mission to pick up the remains of U.S. service members who died in the Korean War, the White House confirmed.
Yonhap News, citing a government source, said the plane took off from an air base in South Korea just before 6 a.m. local time, en route to Kalma Airport in Wonsan, North Korea.
US ANTICIPATES NORTH KOREA WILL RETURN REMAINS OF 55 SERVICE MEMBERS, OFFICIAL SAYS. The White House released a statement confirming that a U.S. Air Force C-17 plane carrying the remains had left North Korea and would bring them to Osan Air Base, where a ceremony will be held next week.
"Today, the Chairman is fulfilling part of the commitment he made to the President to return our fallen American service members. We are encouraged by North Koreas actions and the momentum for positive change."
NORTH KOREA IS SAID TO BE POISED TO RETURN BODIES OF SOME 50 US VETS SOON: REPORT. Among the other results from the highly anticipated meeting, the two leaders signed a document that said Pyongyang would work toward "Complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula."
A U.S. official previously told Fox News that the U.S. was expecting that the rogue regime would be sending back the remains of about 55 American service members Friday.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Korea#1 North#2 US#3 remains#4 service#5
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2018.04.08 09:11 p0ngpag0ng Rant: Scoot from hell! Wag na wag kayo magbobook sa scoot!

Akala ko Cebu Pacific na pinakabulok na airline may mas malala pa pala. Share ko lang experience, by far the worst exp ever!
Hingi rin ako ng advise ko pano ako magrereklamo. Gawin ko leverage yung passenger bill.
Anyways, story time. Mahaba to, pramis.
Nagbook ako ng connecting flight from Legaspi to Singapore sa scoot. Sa itinerary, 2 airlines CEB and tigerair yung sasakyan ko. Medyo red flag na kasi magkaibang airline mahirap yung sasakyan ko. Kinuha ko kasi ok yung timing.
Itinerary details:
Legazpi - Manila: 7:10pm - 8:10pm
Manila - Singapore: 10:10pm - 1am
After few weeks I was notified na may changes sa sched sa Legaspi to Manila (cebupac). Happy ako kasi in favor sakin na less yung waiting time sa connecting flight. From 1pm na move to 5pm, waiting time bawas ng 5hrs! After few days, na move ulit. At dito na nagsimula ang delubyo.
2nd resched. Namove ulit ung flight from 5pm to 7pm. So, waiting time is down to 2hrs only. Within 2hrs, kailgan ko:
  1. maclaim yung baggage.
  2. transfer from T3 to T1,
  3. check-in sa tigerair
  4. pass the immigration.
  5. Boarding
Take note T1 a.k.a world's worst airport.
Go pa rin ako kasi akala ko smooth cya katulad ng past trips ko. Mga expectation ko:
  1. 1x time lang ako mag checheck-in. Sa legazpi lang.
  2. Baggage ko derecho sa destination.
  3. Smooth transition from t1 to t3, max 30 mins.
  4. Immigration process max 1hr.
Location: Legazpi
Time check, 6:00pm
Check-in sa legazpi. Advise agad saakin kailgan ko iclaim yung baggage at magcheck-in ulit sa tigerair. Problema na agad. Kinabahan na ako.
Dumating na ako sa Manila. Surprisingly, on time yung CEB napa-wow ako! Walang delay!
Location: Naia T3
Time check, 8:10pm.
Waiting time: 1 hr and 50 mins.
Derecho agad ako baggage claim. It took 10 mins. Tapos pa-assist agad ako sa pagtransfer to T1. Lakad papunta sa pick up point at antay ng 15 mins bago umalis yung bus.
Location; Naia T3 - transfer pickup point
Time check: 8:40
Waiting time: 1 hr 20 mins.
Travel time from t3 to T1 took 35mins! Pagdating sa check-in counter - closed na at final call na. Walang tao sa booth nila. May nagadvise Lang na puntahan ko daw yung office nila sa 4th flr.
Location: T1 lobby
Time check: 9:15
Waiting time: GG!
Delubyo pre-climax.
Hinanap ko Yung office ng scoot sa 4th for. Sobrang ang hirap hanapin tangina. 3 guard yung kinausap ko bago ko nakita. Room 425 Yung office ng scoot. Door bell ako ng 10+ mins. Walang sagot! Tambay muna ako sa harap ng office nila.
So next move, tumawag sa call center ng scoot. +63 2 798 4499. Walang sumasagot, 30+mins ring ng ring, ubos Yung load bago pa may sumagot. Bye bye 300 pesos! Hindi to exaggerated.
Location: T1 in front of scoot office.
Time check: 11pm
May dumating na 2 dnata employee(Hindi related sa scoot). Pinapasok ako sa office nila at at pinaupo. Sabi saakin antay Lang daw kami nasa ground pa raw ung mga scoot employee. Shared ata yung office nila.
Antay ng 10mins and finally may dumating na employee ng scoot. John yung name nya at Kupal cya. Kwinento ko sa kanya yung ngyari. Nakinig ng konti at sabay niyaya ako palabas ng office. Sumama naman ako. Pagdating sa labas, sabi nya, sir tawag po kayo sa callcenter, sabay abot ng maliit na papel na may number at website ng scoot. Sabi ko, tumawag na ako dyan at walang sumasagot.
Nagpatulong ako sa pagcontact sa callcenter nila. Pero parang walang naring. Inulit Lang Yung sinabi nya, sir tawagan nyo na Lang Yung number. Sabay pasok sa office nila. Iniwan ako sa labas, walang upuan, walang assistance. Ganun na Lang.
Door bell ulit ako, take note kakapasok Lang ni John sa loob, wala pang 1 min. Di ako binuksan ng pinto. Mainit na ulo ko sa point na to.
5 mins ako nagdoor. Oo 5 mins!! Bukas ulit ng pinto si John. Sabi ko "Ganito ba customer service nyo? Iwan Lang sa labas walang upuan at walang assistance?" Hinanap ko na supervisor nya. Sabi ni John Kupal, nasa ground pa daw. Wait na lng daw ako sa loob.
Antay ulit ng 10mins. Dumating na si supervisor, Dhallia name nya. Matinong kausap, bigay agad ng advise at inexplain na wala silang landline kay di nila ako matulungan sa pagcontact sa call center.
Advise ni ate dhallia, iparebook dae namin sa next flight nila, 5am Yung gate open. Umasa ako na marerebook.
Umalis ako at trinay ko ulit tawagan Yung scoot callcenter.
Round 2, since walang load at di sigurado na may sasagot sa tawag ko Skype na ginamit ko - $10 damage. Tawag ulit sa callcenter, after 20 mins may sumagot. Sa sobrang bagal ng internet connection, tangina naputol yung tawag! Skype load down to $7.
Round 3, tawag ulit. After 13 mins may sumagot. Sabi Lang sakin, "Sorry sir, no show kayo kaya forfeited na yung ticket nyo at hindi na pwede i-rebook." Holy shit! So pano na!?
Scoot Advise #1, magbook ulit! Tix price: 17k! Tangina!
Scoot Advise #2, kausapin yung CEB Di raw nagcoordinate cebupac sa timing. Wtf, sa website nila ako nagbook at sila Yung nagrecommend ng cebupac.
Scoot Advise #3, dapat daw ininform sila na di ako aabot.
Pucha tawag ako ng tawag walang sumasagot, may opisina walang tao, so pano ko sila iinform.
No choice, kahit badtrip kalma lang...
Round 4, tawag sa cebupac. Mabilis yung sagot, Sabi di nila hawak yung scoot! Patay na.
CEB Advise #1, maging chance passenger. Walang assurance na makakasakay. Kailgan mag antay from 4am - 1pm.
CEB Advise #2, kausapin yung scoot at magrequest na i-rebook. Ginawa ko na to at alam ko na yung sagot.
Sa point na to sobrang hopeless na. Pagod, gutom at desperado na ako. Bumalik na Lang ako ng T3 para makausap ko Yung CEB
Climax. Time check: 12:30 midnight
Nakausap ko Yung CEB representative.
Advise #1 - refund!
Tip: Wag na wag nyo irerefund, lugi kayo. Rebook dapat. Same rate dapat Yung makuha nyo. Nakuha nyo Yung Tix ng 5k dapat 5k parin bayad mo sa next flight Hindi 17k!
Advise #2 - reschedule nila yung flight sa Tues. Earliest available flight Yan. Linggo pa Lang ngayon.
Advise #3 - maging chance passenger. Mga 5pax daw Yung usual na no show.may pagasa na....
Advise #4 - tawag ulit sa scoot.
Round 5 , tawag ulit sa scoot. Ganun pa Rin stand nila. Di pwedeng i-rebook Kasi no show. Hinanap ko na yung supervisor. It took 40mins bago ko nakausap, Jean Yung name nya. Top up ulit ako ng Skype - $10 nanaman.
Time check 1:30 am
Explain ako ulit na di ko kasalanan Yung nagyari. Somehow, nagagree cya at hahanapan daw nya ako ng slot. Tatawagan daw nya ako in 30mins - 1hr. Namuti mata ko sa kakaantay, walang tawag na dumating.
Total Skype damage: $20. Mas mura ata to kumpara sa payphone. Total call time approx. 3hrs.
Ending. No choice, dasal at pasensya na Lang meron ako.
Nag-antay ako ng first flight ng CEB at buti nalang nakasakay ako. 4:45 ako nakasakay. Dahil last passenger ako tinakbo ko mula immigration hanggang gate 106, dulo ng airport yun. Mga 5 mins din ako nagsprint dala dala ko Yung 7kg na hand carry bag ko.
Laking pasalamat ko sa CEB at inasikaso ako. Good job dun sa representative nyo.
Para naman sa scoot, Putaning ina nyo! Zero assistance ampota! Gising ako ng halos 24 hrs dahil sa kagaguhan nyo. Sa dami ng effort ko na macontact kayo Wala man lang consideration sa side nyo. #neveragain
Kung si John ng scoot na nasa T1 Yung office ay nandito sa reddit. Tangina mo! May araw ka rin.
Please lang di porke't budget airline, di ibig sabihin nun zero customer service. Nagbayad pa Rin kami mga ulol.
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2018.02.13 18:28 Ungoliant0 [Guide] Gold to Champion: How I've done it, and how you can too

So a little bit about myself.
I'm by no means a pro, or even close to it. A while back, I was stuck at Gold after around 1900 hours (far too many for this level. especially seeing the latest rank/hours poll). I wanted to get better at the game, but wasn't sure how.
When I asked higher ranked players, they mostly told me I just needed to practice, but never told me how. I just knew what I was doing was not working out. As well as using my time wrong, I used horrible settings and hardware, that further slowed my improvement to close to nonexistent. Eventually I figured out what I needed to do, with the help of a great coach that showed me the right way. Hit C1 at ~2300 hours and C3 at 2800 hours. So now I'm hoping to give back to the community, and hopefully help some players that are stuck like I was.
I know there are many guides around, but the advantage of this one, is that I still remember how it was like to be stuck in Gold, and the things I was missing that might seem obvious to many of you, but weren't to me, and are probably not obvious to bronze/silvegold players. While this forum tends to attract higher ranked players, I know there are many here who could use the help.
This guide is for people that are stuck at bronze-diamond for a long time, or beginners, and not sure how to improve, but want to, and are willing to put in the time and effort to become the best they can.
This guide is focused on improving the way you use your RL time, thus improving your rate of improvement, rather than telling you to work on anecdotal mistakes you make, and specific things you need to improve.
Some things I list here might be subjective, or perhaps wrong. I might've missed something. Let me know if I have. Criticism is welcome, since I consider this guide a work in progress. Keep in mind, there might be other ways to improve. Some things might work for some, some might not, some might work for others. Some might be faster learners, and some might need to work harder for the same improvement.
Anyway, this is what worked out for me, and hopefully will help and won't get me flamed to death.


  • In order to learn new skills, you need focused training and many repetitions in order to develop muscle memory. You don't get that in a match.
  • Instead of using 100% of your game time in a match, use 20-50% of it to practice, and play matches with the rest. Even 10-20 minutes a day is far better than no training at all, as long as it's an effective training. Practice mechanics, from simple first, to advanced. Each time focusing on 2-4 new skills. At first you will have a hard time, and feel like it's impossible to learn, but with enough repetitions you would learn. You can watch videos or listen to music while you do it, so it doesn't get boring.
  • When to train: It is crucial to train daily. 10 minutes a day, for a week, are exponentially more valuable than 70 minutes, in one sitting, every week. Having a consistent schedule is important. This is true for any skill in life - playing an instrument, sports, going to the gym, studying a difficult course, or trying to solve a difficult problem at work, etc. So it is very important to work on the skills you're currently working on, every day, rather than once every week for a long time. Practicing and playing too much is also counter productive. Our brains are an incredible piece of software that needs rest and relaxation every once in a while, in order to gain improvement. Just like going to the gym, there's a set schedule, eating right, and working out right. But it is also important to get enough sleep, and get enough rest between workouts.
  • Custom Training:
    These are probably all you're going to need for a while. There are many other sources for packs, like RLCustomTraining, or just a simple google search.
  • BakkesMod: Use this mod to make your training/custom training sessions even more efficient. It lets you randomize custom training order, lets you randomize shots, mirror shots, gives your freeplay new abilities like passing the ball to yourself, passing the ball to the backboard and more.
  • Steam Workshop: Some things custom training cannot help you with. For that I recommend using the following:
    • Dribbling Challenge #2 - by French Fries - very important! not only for 1s, but for 2s and 3s.
    • Speed Jump 2: Remastered - By dmc - great for aerial car control. Once this starts becoming easy, start making turns using kuxir twists only. There are other workshop maps that might be useful, but these two are most important in my opinion. The point of workshop maps, is giving you non boring goals, and divide them to small chunks, so they are easier to accomplish and not get bored - example - driving around in freeplay trying to dribble the ball might be pretty boring after 5 minutes. Running the dribbling challenge workshop map though, is pretty fun, and easy to do for a longer time.
  • Guides: There are many great youtube channels for rocket league guides. Best one in my opinion is Kevpert's- start from the simplest one, work on it for a week, or however long it takes, and move on to the next one once you feel like you've mastered it.
  • Skills to read/watch guides about: Each time focus on 2-4 mechanics. Start with simple things like basic shots, goalkeeping, passing, clearing, aerials, rotation & positioning. Move on to some more advanced skills like bounce dribble, dribble, ball carry, flicks, fast aerials, wall clears, redirects. Then move on to the more advanced fancy stuff like air dribble, ceiling shots, flip resets, double taps. There are many guides online. Now that you know the name of the skill, you can just google it. Many of these are covered by Kevpert's guides. Those that aren't I tried to provide a decent guide for:

* Freeplay: Once you master skills, you need to incorporate them into your gameplay. Start going for these new-skill shots during matches and in freeplay. Just run around the map with the ball, and try to hit difficult shots, read wall bounces, clear shots, imagine you're passing to your team mate who's waiting somewhere, etc.


Positioning, Rotation & Passing

You can't learn this only by reading/watching guides. For this, you also need the next section (watching pros play).

Watch Pros Play & Your Own Replays:

Can do this while you eat or whatever.
Squishy is great. JohnnyBoi has some nice matches and commentary. Lots of pros on youtube/twitch as well.
This is important in order for you to start developing intuition for proper mechanics and positioning (your mind learns just by watching). For example, during my bronze-gold days, I used to play with ballcam only. I noticed pros take ballcam off when dribbling for example, and on other situations. Since I've seen many hours of pros play by then, I had no problem incorporating it into my game play. I just knew what to do, without even thinking about it. By watching pros play you'd also learn about positioning, rotation, passing & waiting\positioning to receive a pass etc.
Watch your own replays and compare to pros, or have a higher ranked coach analyse your replays with you.


Even if your main focus is 2s or 3s, play & watch some 1s as well, to develop 1s skills like when to challenge, shadowing, and how to attack 1 on 1, etc.

Challenge yourself and never stop practicing:

Challenge yourself, even in-game. Go for challenging/difficult shots/passes/clears/saves etc, and don't hesitate or wait for the ball to drop to an easier position (unless no one is challenging it, then you can just control the ball and slow down the game). For example, if there's a clear to be made that you usually struggle with, go for it. Even if you whiff, with enough repetitions, eventually you'll improve. As long as you do this only in ranked (and not in a tournament), everything is fine. Worst case, you'll lose a game.
When waiting between games, go to freeplay or custom training. After scoring (before the replay starts) practice kuxir twists, half flips, try to hit the crossbar flying upside down / sideways, or land with 4 wheels on the ceiling or any other mechanic that you're currently working on.

Video Settings:

Competitive Video settings (for an explanation - bottom of this guide) should be used for optimal play, instead of putting everything on max settings. These are the settings most pros use. The more FPS, the less input lag, even if your monitor is only 60Hz. You don't need all those fancy effects like dynamic shadows (that can reduce FPS by 50-100), or ones that are actively hindering your gameplay, like blinding rays of light. If you want RL to look beautiful, it comes with a cost to gameplay. If you're focused on improving, there's no reason to use other settings, even if your PC can overpower the game. These settings are for optimal competitive play. More FPS is an objective advantage.

Camera Settings:

Camera settings are subjective, but there are still some that would statistically work better than others. Use any pro camera settings list as a reference, and pick one that you like for yourself. If you're completely unsure what your preferences are, you could try choosing ones that are somewhat close to the pros average. Check out these links: - Liquipedia Pros Camera List - Prosettings Pros Camera List - Prosettings Pros Camera Guide


Get a 144Hz-240Hz monitor. Optimal (for RL) monitor features - 240Hz, 24", 1ms response time, TN panel, 1080p. Getting a higher resolution monitor, like 2k-4k, might be nice for other games/browsing/work, but for RL it makes your PC work harder, providing less FPS. Most pros use the BenQ XL2540 monitor (240Hz, 24", 1ms response time, TN panel, 1080p). Make sure your PC can support needed fps (more than 144 for 144Hz, more than 240 for 240Hz), with competitive settings, without overheating, otherwise there's no use getting the monitor. More FPS is an objective advantage.


Controller is down to personal preference. I do encourage you to experiment and see what works best for you (might take you a few days to get used to a new controller). Having said that, this is my personal, anecdotal experience: I used to use XBOX360, XBOX One, Razer Wildcat controllers. XBOX controllers always felt more comfortable to me. After one week of getting used to DS4 (was a horrible week...) though, it just felt like this game was made with a DS controller in mind. The left stick control felt a lot smoother, and the small triggers felt better. Most pros use the DS4. It might not be a causative relation, as many pros used to play SARPBC (PS exclusive), but it does have some objective advantages, like double the polling rate (250Hz for DS4, compared to 125Hz of the XBOX360/One, and 100Hz of the DS3). Personally, I would recommend using a DS4 for RL, but I acknowledge the fact it is personal preference.

Input Shape:

Some controllers, like the DS3, come with a square input shape. However DS4, XBOX360 & XBOX One, have circle input shape. This means, the further you are from the axes, the more your movement is restricted. For example, having your stick exactly diagonally, will only give you square(0.5)~=0.707 of the x and y values possible.
To enable the full range of motion, you pretty much have 2 options that I'm aware of: - Square Input Shape: Up to 04:37 is an explanation about deadzone. 04:37 onwards is an explanation about square input shape, and gives simple instructions for a steam-built-in solution. Recent video by Rocket Science says the steam solution adds 1ms of input lag. So I would suggest using DS4Windows (to enable DS4 without Steam) and RL Durazno to square your input shape. RLDurazno enables you to see the effect of your transformation, thus enabling you to choose the perfect fit for your controller. - Increase Sensitivity: You can do this ingame (steering and aerial sensitivity). Some pros don't use square, like Squishy. Though he does use increased stick sensitivity 1.3. And since 0.707*1.3=0.92, he should have a close enough effect).
If you are aware of these options, and understand them but still choose to stay without square, that's fine as well. Some players tried both options, and find square input map is too sensitive for them resulting in less accuracy. If you do decide to make the change, expect a few days to 2-3 weeks of getting used to it. Use Durazno to make sure your controller gives you the full range of motion possible.


As CBTactics wrote:
The important part is that you should not be hindered by your controls. Certain mechanics require being able to use all or some combination of boost, jump, and powerslide. Bad controls will prohibit these movements. Viable controls will allow them.
These keybinds are pretty intuitive and viable in my opinion (watch this for an explanation):
All default except:
  • Left BumpeL1 - Airroll + Powerslide.
  • Right BumpeR1 - Boost.
  • Square - Ballcam toggle.
Obviously, any other set of binds can work just as well if not better (or worse).
There are RLCS winners that use claw grip, many pros use default settings, Rizzo uses his left stick to drive forward/backwards, there are pros that use keyboard (Yukeo).
Find what works out best for you, making sure you can easily reach boost/jump/powerslide simultaneously, and don't be afraid of experimenting.


This is a great watch regarding the subject. It is pretty old by now, and some of the information in it is outdated. For example all cars are now using one of the standardized presets for handling and hitbox introduced in the Anniversary Update (Read more about it here). The argument in the video still stands though. Car choice is subjective. Some cars might work better for some, and worse for others. Some cars might statistically work better for more players. There might be a good reason to choose the popular cars, and there might not. Even with same hitbox, visuals have an affect on your game play, and how your mind perceives the information on the screen. You could use any car you're feeling comfortable with. Take in account that each car induces a slightly different kind of playstyle. If you're looking for a general guideline, I would say that statistically, Octane, Batmobile and Dominus are best. There might be a causation relation there, and it might just be only correlation. I would say its a mix of both, and your best bet is to probably go with one of these 3, unless you're seeing incredible results with other cars. But still you're free to choose for yourself.

Have fun!

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2018.02.02 00:04 onrv Mod Picks for January 2018

Date Theme/s Song Title Artist Year Country Submitter
Mon 1st Best of 2007 Reckoner (live) Radiohead 2008 GB Flo__Moore
Tue 2nd Moving On Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Bob Dylan 1965 US Squigglefits
Wed 3rd Wheels I'm A Wheel Wilco 2001 US k-pilgrim
Thu 4th Fishing The Fishin' Hole Andy Griffith 1960 US Flo__Moore
Fri 5th In Memoriam 2017 Batman Theme Neal Hefti 1966 US fduniho
Sat 6th Action Horizontal Action Psycho Surgeons 1978 AU ontarious
Sun 7th January 7 (On This Day) Holiday in Cambodia Dead Kennedys 1980 US lol_gay
Mon 8th Sticky Can't You Hear Me Knocking? The Rolling Stones 1971 GB KingEuronIIIGreyjoy
Tue 9th Paper (includes 2014) Paperback Writer The Beatles 1966 GB k-pilgrim
Wed 10th Plastic (includes 2014) Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead 1995 GB Flo__Moore
Thu 11th Times of the Day What Time Is It? Spin Doctors 1991 US oldwhitelincoln
Fri 12th Days of the Month Saturday in the Park Chicago 1972 US cjm81499
Sat 13th Buses (includes 2013) Another One Rides the Bus "Weird Al" Yankovic 1981 US joelschlosberg
Sun 14th Extended Versions Hyperballad Björk 1995 IL fdunhio
Mon 15th Spin (includes 2017) Dizzy Tommy Roe 1969 US cjm81499
Tue 16th Songs With 'Blues' in the Title Summertime Blues Eddie Cochran 1958 US iggy88
Wed 17th Dr. Demento Fish Heads Barnes & Barnes 1978 US Richte36
Thu 18th Last Week (What's Going On?) Everything I Said The Cranberries 1994 IE fduniho
Fri 19th Schickele Mix The Wiener Schnitzel Waltz (live) Tom Lehrer 1960ish US Barton_Foley
Sat 20th Missing (includes 2014) Where Is My Mind? Pixies 1988 US Flo__Moore
Sun 21st Australian & New Zealand Artists Early in the Mornin' C.W. Stoneking 2008 AU Blique-ou-blique
Mon 22nd Rabbit Mr. Rabbit Paul Westerberg 2002 US reeforward
Tue 23rd Perfume Incense and Peppermints Strawberry Alarm Clock 1967 US sbroue
Wed 24th Neil Diamond Red Red Wine Tony Tribe 1969 JM sbroue
Thu 25th Stick Loose The Stooges 1970 US Wcm1982
Fri 26th Music from Obscure Movies Les Fusées Alain Goraguer 1973 FR IFullerBucheet
Sat 27th Romans Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (live) Pink Floyd 1972 GB keeko85
Sun 28th Instruments/Voices That Hold The Note for a Long Time Ecstasy Musical Mind Yoga Ariel Kalma 2014 FR drylaw
Mon 29th Fresh Fresh Kool & the Gang 1984 US SlimChiply
Tue 30th Patience Waiting Room Fugazi 1989 US lol_gay
Wed 31st Healthy Activities Stayin' Alive Bee Gees 1977 GB joelschlosberg
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2018.01.25 16:27 Capon-breath The Reaper App

What would you do if you knew how and when you were going to die? Would it paralyse you with fear? Would it supercharge your last days on earth and make you live life to the fullest? Maybe your life is miserable and knowing it will end will bring you a sweet bliss? Would you embrace your fate or would you fight it? Would you try to run and hide? I think that’s what’s happened to Jake. I think he has run and hid, he hasn’t been seen for 4 days now.
Jake and I work together at a clickbait company. They call it something different, some bullshit like ‘Digital content & experience” but in a nutshell we make click bait articles. You know the type of stuff I’m talking about.
‘You won’t believe what these 90’s teenage hotties look like now’.
‘Top 10 life hacks that will change the way you take a piss.’
‘What’s your Disney princess/star wars/gangsteporn name.’
The stuff that’s ruined facebook and will likely ruin every other type of social media before too long. I’m not proud of what I do but it pays the bills. In theory it was a step in the direction of real journalism. My chosen Career path when I left University 3 years ago and had to get a job.
Instead I ended up here at ‘Provoke: Digital content & experiences’. Jake and I were part of the same bunch of new starters. Only 3 of an original intake of 6 are left now. Jake, myself and Daisy my secret love who is perhaps the most beautiful creature in existence. Provoke’s business model is to create content that generates views then sell the advertising space on our pages & apps to make a profit. Simple really but with everyone’s attention span so limited these days you have to keep coming up with new and innovative ways to grab people’s attention.
Each of us ‘creatives’ has to generate enough ideas each month to hit our advertising revenue targets. I generally follow a formula I have dubbed ‘Triple S’ Sex, Sympathy or Sentiment. These seem to be the 3 things that consistently draw in the traffic for me. Chances are if you see a facebook post or meme about how a poor 1 legged, orphaned, ethnic minority puppy saved a Grandma’s life, my hand was behind it.
The key is dragging the bullshit out over as many pages as possible. Provoke will monetise up to 12 ad spaces on any page so the math is simple. More pages, more ads, more revenue. I have mastered the art of turning an utterly pointless and completely fictional 150 word piece into 12 pages of money making art.
There is absolutely no journalistic integrity or scrutiny on the internet. You can pretty much make up anything and even go borderline slanderous on politicians and celebrities and there is almost nothing the regulators can do.
Every Monday morning we have a ‘creative meeting’ in the board room. All the creatives pitch their ideas for the week to the rest of the team and the partner. Feedback for bad suggestions is brutal so they can be feisty affairs. Pepper in the occasional accusation of plagiarism as people jealously guard their own ideas and they can also be great fun. At least they were back when Jake, Daisy and I joined and Tom Bostock was always the partner who chaired the creative meeting. Tom was a great guy, he founded the company and was down to earth, supportive and really helped with the creative process. He brought on another partner, Maaiki Kalma about 6 months ago. Maaiki is very different.
She has a brooding, menacing nature. She is striking to look at, sharp but perfect features, pale skin contrasting with her severe and very black bobbed haircut. Her English is perfect but dusted with a light Finnish accent that makes everything sound like a rebuke. She oozes refinement & class. Immaculate power suits & simple blouses, always black contrasted with white. Her thin lips the same blood red as her manicured nails.
Tragically Tom passed away 2 months ago. Poor bloke was only 37 so the massive stroke came out of the blue and really took the wind out of everyone’s sails. The atmosphere in the office has been terrible since, partly the sadness at the loss of our boss and mentor but as much because it left the poisonous Maaiki in sole charge.
2 weeks ago the Monday meeting didn’t go too well. Jake and I are seen as the senior creatives having been around for the longest. Daisy attends the meetings but she works in the sales team. Her job is to ensure we get the best advertisers paying the best rates, not to worry about having ideas herself. We pitched our ideas for the week, admittedly they were far from inspired. A tense silence settled over the room, Maaiki stared at the pair of us her piercing grey eyes drilling into us.
“Out.” It was a whisper but everyone shot from their chairs. “Not you two.” We sat back down, bracing ourselves. After a long and uncomfortable silence she spoke.
“I pay you for ideas, without ideas you have no value to me.”
“Maaiki, Jake and I will go work on our ideas, try to sharpen them up a bit.” I wanted to get on the front foot and get out of there and figured this was the best approach.
“Your ideas are pathetic and old. I have no use for them being pathetic, old & sharp. I want a game changer from one of you tomorrow morning. McDonalds has plenty of vacancies for morons with no imagination.” She dismissed us with a flick of her hand.
“Shit Simon.” Jake said as we stood outside of the office vaping. “I don’t have any fucking game changers. You?”
“Nope. We should leave early and grab some beers. If we are going down let’s go down in style and hungover.” My bravado was see-through. I didn’t want to lose my job and was as concerned as Jake. Even so that was exactly what we did. Left the office at 5 and went straight to our favourite bar. To my great delight the beautiful Daisy joined us.
“She’s a fucking stuck up bitch.” Jake moaned. “Anyone any ideas?”
We tossed around a couple of thoughts. Daisy sat quietly sipping her gin & tonic and watching us both. After 40 minutes and 2 pints of re-hashing the same clichés we had used for the last 12 months we slumped back into our seats defeated.
“What’s the essence of social media?” Daisy asked leaning forwards and breaking the silence.
“People use it to stay in touch with their friends?” I replied with a shrug.
“Do they?” Daisy said “I’m not so sure. I guess there is a bit of that but most of what I see is ‘look at me posts’. ‘Here’s what I ate’, ‘aren’t I amazing going to the gym this early in the morning’ ‘My kids are better than your kids’.”
“You’re fucking spot on Daisy. It’s all just ego shit.” I was excited, a bit of insight that might land us an idea.
“So you just need to find the most important thing in people’s lives that gives them the biggest ego trip and you have your game changer.” She sat back in her chair and took a triumphant sip of her G&T.
“OK so what it that? Having kid? Getting a new job? Starting a new relationship?” I had a bit of flow now. “What does everyone have in common that they would love to fucking brag about.” Jake just shrugged and I didn’t have the answer.
“Their death.” Daisy’s words cut across the table and we were silent waiting for what might come next. “Death is the one thing we all have in common.”
“Holy shit you’re fucking right Daisy”
“So I write an App that predicts people’s deaths.” Said Jake, picking up the baton. “We ask them a bunch of questions about their age, weight, lifestyle that type of shit. There will be all kind of data on line I can pull in that can create some sort of formula of when they will die.”
“There are websites that do this type of thing already.” Daisy chipped in. “You need a different angle.”
“She’s right Jake. How about this, people don’t want to actually know the truth, they wasn’t some drama and uniqueness, something to brag about. So you give them how they will die and make the reasons exciting. ‘Bitten by a poisonous spider’ ‘fell off a mountain’, ‘taken out in a gangland hit’. People love that type of thing.” Buoyed by optimism, our plans were formulated over a dozen more drinks.
The last 10 of those dozen drinks seemed like a terrible idea the next morning as we sat in the boardroom waiting for Maaiki to grace us with her presence. She breezed in and registered our bedraggled state.
“Pathetic drunks, this better be good.” This appeared to be our invitation to start so we told her about the concept.
To access the app you need to enter your name, date of birth, gender, country of origin and social security number. We planned to use that to look up individuals to make it seem more ‘authentic’. You then complete 10 questions that are largely meaningless then submit for a response.
The app would scrape the last 2 years of your social media activity to look for any pass times or buzz words that we could use to add a bit of flavour to the death prediction. The prediction itself would be completely random from a list of about 100 exciting ways in which you could die. If the profile scrape came up with any interesting results it would influence the algorithm to make it more likely to predict certain deaths.
From the date of birth, gender & country of origin we would apply some normalisation filters to the random death date to avoid predicting anyone would die aged 300 or anything ridiculous like that. On the spur of the moment I also pitched in that the App would apply further date range modification to the death date in the event of certain predictions. “90 year olds don’t generally drive motor bikes or do bungee jumping.” I added by way of clarification. “I’m going to call the app ‘The Reaper’.” Jake added with a flourish.
Her hard grey eyes assessed us as she sat impassive and expressionless. Her lips turned upwards a little into the faintest of smiles. I had seen Maikki scowl and glower a thousand times but her smile was more fear inducing by far.
“3 things. Firstly you need to change some of the questions. Drop the ones about favourite colour and if they like pets and add in ‘What is your view on suicide’ and ‘Where do you believe you will go upon your death.”
“Of course Maaiki” Jake said nervously.
“Secondly, I want this to go viral. Add in the option to predict some friend’s deaths and send them all messages saying ‘I know how and when you will die.’ It will drive traffic off the charts. Finally I want 8 ad spaces on each question page in the app, 6 on the email that goes out with your prediction then I want another 8 on a page that confirms the answers to your questions before you get the prediction.”She stood and walked out without another word, any trace of the smile long since departed.
That’s how it started.
Jake began working on the coding and our jobs seemed to be safe for a little while. It wasn’t a complex coding job at all but Maaiki wanted it to have global reach so getting access to the social security records for the majority of the civilised world was a big challenge. Jake planted a few seeds on some deep web message boards as there wasn’t a quick, easy, legal way of getting all of that information. He got a reply after a couple of days from ‘The Tempest’ that linked to some torrent sites to download the individual countries and Jake set his assistant Carl to work.
It took a fittingly biblical 7 days to create the reaper app. Alone in the darkened office, Jake & I stared at the screen.
“Trial run time Simon, who should be the lucky recipient of the Reapers first prediction?” Jake joked.
“Has to be Carl.” I answered instantly. “You would freak the shit out of someone random if they get an email out of the blue predicting their death.”
“Isn’t that the point?” Jake said, I could see the mischief behind his eyes.
“I think that’s the point once we get it up and running. I think for a trial we should probably go with someone how might at least understand the context.” I wasn’t used to being the voice of reason.
Jake agreed and we input Carl’s details. Carl James Matthews.
DOB: 12/5/1996.
NI Number CM 762-3458-A-12
Jake milked the dramatic pause before submitting it to get the prediction .
Date of Death: 16/1/2018
Cause of Death: Road Traffic Accident.
I suddenly felt sick to my stomach, this had very quickly stopped being fun.
“Oh fuck that’s tomorrow Jake.” Jake didn’t seem concerned.
“It’s just a stupid random app. Technically the odds of tomorrow being the first prediction are exactly the same as any other day.....I think.” Jake replied calmly powering down his machine. “Cheeky beer to celebrate unleashing the reaper on the unsuspecting world? Mwah Ha Ha”
I never need a second invite. A cheeky several later Jake got a text from Carl. “Very funny dipshit. C U tomorrow”.
Carl & Jake’s calmness made me feel better about the whole situation and the beers were going down nice and easy so I settled myself in for a session.
Carl hadn’t made the office by lunchtime and I felt sick with panic. Jake was pale his texts to Carl unanswered and calls going straight to a dead tone. Jake grabbed his jacket at lunch time “I’m going round to his house.”
I got a choked call from Jake a 3 hour eternity later. “Simon, Carl was hit by a car this morning running to catch the bus. I’m here in the hospital, he’s in intensive care and his parents have just arrived. He’s not going to make it Simon. His family have just been informed by the doctors.” My world collapsed.
The next day 2 men in dark suits came in to the office and Maaiki greeted them and took them into her office. They looked like detectives and after 10 minutes with uber-bitch our fears were confirmed. Maaiki rang through to Jake's phone and he was asked to go to her office and bring his laptop. He was very shaken up afterwards and described the encounter to me after-work.
"Fucking goons." he was edgy and frantic. "They asked to see the Reaper. Said they were very concerned about an email that had come from the app and the similarities between it and the circumstances of Carl's death."
"They can't think you or the app had anything to do with it can they? That's fucking ridiculous. It's just a horrible coincidence. How can a stupid email have any influence on a random car driver that you have never even met?"
"That's exactly what I told them.” There was a long pregnant pause. “They asked me to prove it."
"What do you mean?"
"They said if it was all just a coincidence then I wouldn’t object to putting my own details in the Reaper."
"What the fuck?"
"I didn't want to do it Simon, it was scared shitless but they made me do it."
"Oh shit, what did it say"
Jake opened an email on his phone and pushed it across the table for me to read.
Jake Milton DOB : 18/05/ 1995 Date of death: 23/01/2018 Cause of Death : Murder, Strangulation.
I felt sick. That was a week from now.
"Jake, you said yourself this is all just random outcome generation. There's nothing to worry about." I knew I wouldn't convince him, the worry in my own voice was plain to hear but I felt I had to say something.
"Listen to me Simon. Strangulation isn’t one of the ways to die I built into the app. When I put my own details into that app it didn't ask me the right questions."
"What do you mean?"
"There are 10 questions and I wrote them all. They weren't the questions that came up. These were different questions. They made no sense. 'Was I willing to die?' 'Was I ready for the storm’? Shit that doesn’t make any sense."
"That's fucked up"
"There’s more Simon" he reached into his laptop bag and pulled out a manila folder. I flicked it open.
"What's this?"
"This morning, before all of this fucked up shit with Carl happened I started running some testing on the app to make sure it was ready to go live online tomorrow. I ran 100 names from each of 50 different countries at random to check that all the social security database links were working and that the app was rendering properly in different languages. Standard testing stuff. I printed out the results.” He handed me another manila folder from his laptop case. “These are the outcomes that came back from the sample I ran.” I read down the list:
•UK Harold Stubbs DOB 07/12/1959 DEATH 03/03/2018 Suicide: Hanging
•UK Gary Jennings DOB 21/08/1993 DEATH 20/12/2022 The Last War
•UK Martin Davies DOB 05/09/2009 DEATH21/02/2018 Drown in bath tub
•UK Chris Smith DOB 06/06/1982 DEATH 05/07/2019 Murder: Throat cut
•UK Eoin Crigley DOB 31/01/1971 DEATH 20/12/2022 The Last War
•UK Emily Raymond DOB 19/02/1947 DEATH 06/11/2018 Complications arising from Pneumonia
•UK Nicola Fitton DOB 18/03/1981 DEATH 20/12/2022 The Last War
•UK Mike Abbottson DOB 23/04/1969 DEATH 04/09/2020 Cardiac arrest
•UK Kyle O’Shaugnessey DOB 05/08/1987 DEATH 20/12/2022 The Last War
•UK Daniel Bertrand DOB 06/09/1974 DEATH 20/12/2022 The Last War.
I didn’t get past the first ten. I felt sick to my stomach. “Jake what the hell is this? What the fuck is ‘The Last War’?”
Jake was almost in tears. “I don’t know Simon, this is all too fucked up. I’m going into the office early tomorrow to destroy the app. I need to get it down from the servers. It musn’t ever see the light of day.” I agreed to meet Jake early.
I was shocked out of a deep sleep by my phone buzzing. It was Jake, calling me at 3am. “It’s fucking gone live Simon.”
“What?” I was foggy and confused.
“Someone has put the Reaper live on line, My phone is set up to get alerts when it is accessed. It started going off about an hour ago. Simon it’s going fucking beserk pinging every few seconds as people get a prediction.”
“Fuck, give me an hour and I can meet you at the office.”
We met a little after 4:30am and Jake set to work trying to take the App down from the server. It was down by around 7:20am.
“Simon cover for me. I’m going to call in sick today. I need to get out of here and work out what the fuck is going on and who put the Reaper live.” Luckily we had used Jake’s card to swipe in so I left the office with him and killed an hour at a nearby Starbucks. I went back to the office at 8:30 pretending I had just arrived. Maaiki summoned me to her office the second she saw me enter.
“Where is Jake?”
“He usually gets in about now. I’ll send him straight in to you when he get here if you like?” I tried to sound casual. She started hard at me.
“Fine.” I was questioned my Maaiki again later that day when it was clear Jake was a no show for work. He had obviously called in sick or messaged her. She was livid but I just feigned ignorance and carried on with my work. No mention of the Reaper was made.
It has been like this for the last couple of days. I get called into Maaiki’s office 2 or 3 times a day. She asks me about Jake and I try to act both worried and ignorant at the same time. Last night I got a very disturbing email from Jake to my private account from wherever he is hiding.
FROM: [email protected]
TO: [email protected]
23rd Jan 2018
I’m scared and I don’t know what to do.
I have been working on the app for 2 days solid since we pulled it down from the servers. There is something wrong with the code. None of the original questions or causes of death are in the app any more. If I delete these new ones and revert back to the original when I come back to the app a couple of hours later the replacements ones are back again.
I think I’m being watched.
I don’t want to tell you where I am in case they come or you too. There is a dark van parked across the street. It arrived the day after I got here and hasn’t moved since.
The worst thing is Simon, I’ve been running peoples data through the reaper. LOTS of data. I’ve run about 1.3 million people’s records so far. Records from over 100 different countries. No matter where in the world I run a record from they have one thing in common. ‘The Last War’ keeps coming up.
Simon, of the 1.3million records I’ve run so far over 1.1 million of them have ‘The Last War’ as the cause of death. That’s nearly 85% The earliest date I’ve come across for a Last War record is 20th December 2022 and the lastest is 28th December 2022.
No one, not a single record in over 1.3 million so far has a date of death later than the 28th December 2022.
I’m going to just delete the app. I pray this is all just some fucked up mental breakdown I’m going though.
According to the App today is the day I die.
That was 2 days ago, I haven’t heard from Jake since.
That same night at around 11pm the Reaper went live on line again. Maaiki is over the moon at the clicks it’s pulling in, just short of 3 million hits so far.
Let me ask you again. What would you do if you knew how and when you were going to die? Because if this is anything more than Jake's paranoid delusion it looks like we all have until 28th December 2022 to figure it out.
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2016.12.14 16:33 Itchyscratchypalms My startup is focused on non-censorship, in fact, it can't be censored. How can we capitalize on the current censoring of specific topics online?

Our startup has been lingering for a year or two now. It was built around a new, uncensorable technology. The platform is very unique. We've had about 100 or so paying customers. Those paying customers are generally people who really want to make a statement, and go on about their business. For example, "Cherish the moment, it will never be back. Be free and do good, Senia Kalma." "I was here. I existed. I lived, loved, had good and bad times. Alastair Langwell - Unix Time 14737292851MVpQJA7FtcDrwKC6zATkZvZcxqma4JixS"
But I want people to open up a dialogue. I want conversations. I want people who feel like they are being censored to come use us. There is a lot of frustration online with the whole #pizzagate #neverTrump etc. As a businessman, I'm not picking sides, I just want to provide a home for all sides. What is the best way? Thank you.
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2015.04.14 19:00 jdsmithson **WEEKLY VINYL RELEASES WEEK OF APRIL 14 2015**

Hey! This is the week to add to your vinyl collection, so do it! In addition to this weekend's RSD 2015 releases, the below are out as of today, so grab these to get you by until Saturday. There are some cool ones this week. Be sure to go to Spotify and subscribe to the /WVR Weekly Playlist. I hope you all have a great RSD experience!
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2014.12.03 00:28 jdsmithson **WEEKLY VINYL RELEASES WEEK OF DECEMBER 2 2014**

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend ans scored some cool gifts for yourselves and others. The kickoff list for December 2014 is below. Thanks!
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2014.11.24 12:04 jdsmithson **WEEKLY VINYL RELEASES WEEK OF NOVEMBER 25 2014**

Y Alright my pals! This is Black Friday week! Most of us are excited about the Record Store Black Friday 2014 releases at the end of this week, at least I know I am. I have a few releases on my radar that I hope I can score. Take a look at the list if you haven't already and be sure to support your local record stores this Friday by going to score a couple of these. Even if you can't find a release that intrigues you, stop by and grab a newly released record. Most record stores will have other great deals besides the RSD Black Friday releases. Below are this week's releases, so enjoy and have a great Thanksgiving/Black Friday week! Be sure to post your purchases here on /WeeklyVinylReleases or /vinyl. We want to see them! Also, NO FLIPPING please! This puts a ruin on what Record Store Day is all about. Leave the releases for the vinyl lovers! One last thing...I will be posting the info about the November Monthly Contest this week, where you can win a free vinyl record from me, so be sure to check back so that you can enter. It will end this Saturday, November 29th, so act quick! Thanks pals!
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